Bretthauer Oil Company serves the Pacific Northwest with the same honesty and commitment to service that founded our company over 85 years ago. In addition to providing fuels, lubricants and heating oil we are a regional distributor for Innospec Fuel Additives. Whether you want cold weather protection or summer additives, all Innospec additives give you added protection and are multifunctional performance additives.

As a franchisee of the Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling network, we offer our customers 24/7/365 fueling capability for gasoline, diesel, and Bio fuels. This means you can access fuel across the United States and Canada 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. With secured access fueling cards you can rest assured that you or your company drivers will get the fuel they need and when they need it. In addition, our detailed statements provide you with the information that you need to keep track of your fuel purchases. This information includes the driver and vehicle fueled, the date, time, location and price per gallon as well as all applicable taxes. All of this information is provided to you by item so that you can get the information you need quickly and accurately.

For our customers that do not wish to drive to a fueling facility, and do not have on-site fuel storage, then let us bring the fuel to you. As a pioneer in the On-Site Mobile Fleet Fueling industry, once referred to as "wet-hosing", Bretthauer Oil Company provides service second to none. You can rest assured that if On-Site Mobile Fleet Fueling is the choice for your company that Bretthauer Oil will be there to work with you so you can concentrate on building your business.

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76 Lubricants

Chevron Products

Sequential BioFuels

Shell Lubricants

Innospec Inc

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Bretthauer Oil Company knows that farmers need a reliable source for fuel to keep their equipment running. This is especially important during the planting and harvest seasons. Bretthauer Oil is that reliable source. Whether you need keep full service or prefer will call, let us take care of your needs.

At Bretthauer Oil we also provide our agricultural customers the finest in commercial lubricants to help keep their equipment working hard in the field.

You can rest assured that with Bretthauer Oil Company you get a quality product at a competitive price.

From quality gasoline and racing fuels to motor oils and greases, we have the product for you.

Do you have a construction site and need fuel for your equipment? Let Bretthauer Oil service your construction needs, from Off-road Diesel Fuel or lubricants, we have what you need. We deliver directly to your site as often as you need it. We can set you up with temporary on-site storage if you need. We also deliver directly into equipment if on-site storage is not an option. If you have your own lubricant/fuel truck you can access our Off-road Diesel Fuel loading racks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you have a large fleet of vehicles, let Bretthauer Oil Company be your source of fuel. We have several options available so you can choose which is the most cost effective for your type of business. Whether you take truck and trailer loads of fuel, use On-Site Mobile Fleet Fueling, utilize our Pacific Pride Fueling Network or a combination of one, two or all three of these options, we can help.

For those who feel the need for speed and want that competitive edge over their competition, look to Bretthauer Oil Company. We can provide all grades of quality, high octane, racing gasoline.

Bretthauer Oil Company is a proud distributor of quality 76 Lubricants. 76 Lubricants have been a driving force in the petroleum industry. For well over a century, since 1890, 76 has continually demonstrated its scientific, engineering and product innovation leadership. Bretthauer Oil Company with 76 Lubricants provides a full selection of products for all types of demanding applications.
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If you need fuel for your fleet and don’t have fuel storage on-site. Bretthauer Oil Company is an independent franchisee of the Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling network. With over 1400 sites throughout the United States and over 190 in Canada, and with accessibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you and your drivers can get fuel almost anywhere, and at any time, your business takes you. With new locations opening daily, accessibility only gets better.

At Bretthauer Oil Company we can tailor your account specific to your needs. Each access card is secured with a Personal Identification Number for security. Your detailed billing tells you which driver and vehicle that was fueled as well as the date and time. The price per gallon, location, taxes, odometer readings, miscellaneous equipment or job numbers and miles per gallon tracking are all options you can have on your detailed transaction reports at no additional cost to you.

For your cardlock training, Pac Pride offers an overview of the cardlock fueling safety requirements and fueling guidelines on-line.

Call us today at 800-359-3113 or email us at to see how Bretthauer Oil and Pacific Pride can save you time and money.

Innospec is one of the world's leading suppliers of specialty chemicals.

Innospec can draw on the proud history of Octel and a reputation built up in the industry over many years.

Combine that with over 85 years of providing quality service with Bretthauer Oil Company and you can rest assured that you are getting the best product backed with the finest quality service.

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Product #
Product Description - Stocked Items
Treat Rate (Gallons)
Low Temperature-Multifunctional middle distillate fuel additive.
It functions as a wax modifier to improve low temperature operability of diesel fuel.
Diesel fuel additive package enhance with soy methyl ester.>
Provides cetane number increase, injector detergency, fuel stabilization, corrosion inhibition and lubricity while maintaining economy.
Low Temperature-Multifunctional middle distillate fuel additive.
Functions as a wax modifier to improve low temperature operability of diesel fuel.
Winter middle distillate fuel additive for use for emergency use when fuel has gelled, or anticipated extreme circumstances that are beyond normal winter conditions

Call us today at 800-359-3113 or if you would like to place an order or if you have any questions.

Bretthauer Oil Company's truck shop provides complete service and repair on all types of equipment.

To schedule service or request a quote please give us a call or stop by and talk with our shop foreman and let us take care of your needs.


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Bretthauer Oil Company began in 1923 delivering quality Union 76 products to Hillsboro and Forest Grove, Oregon lumber camps, farmers, trucking companies, and residential homes. The company built its foundation stressing the importance of integrity providing quality products and services to our customers.

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