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Bulk Fuel and Lubricant Delivery

Bretthauer Oil's bulk fuel and lubricant delivery is an efficient way to ensure you always have fuel and lubricants on hand and for an affordable price. Bretthauer’s team of customer service personnel will work with you to set up a plan for scheduled deliveries or be on call if you would prefer fuel on an as needed basis; either way we are here to save you money and make your life a bit easier.

Benefits Of Fleet Fueling With Bretthaur
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    Local and Available

    Bretthauer Oil is open 5 days a week for deliveries and can respond 24 hours a day if the need arises. All of our drivers are trained professionals with experience ranging from 3 to over 25 years of experience. We deliver to any size tank from 100 gallons to over 12,000 gallons.

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    Keep Full Service

    We offer a keep full service that ensures you should always have fuel when you need it. We can deliver on a regular schedule or use an online tank monitoring system designed to track your usage daily, guaranteeing you never run out.

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    Knowledgeable and Friendly Dispatch Team

    Our top-notch dispatchers and their years of experience will be available 7 days a week to help you overcome any problems you may face with innovative and cost saving solutions.

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    Tank Loan, Rental, or Purchasing Available

    If you're ready to start considering bulk fuel and lubricant delivery but don't have any storage, let Bretthauer Oil help you find and install a tank for you. We maintain close relationships with tank and equipment manufactures to offer you the most options at the best price. If you are working with a tighter budget let Bretthauer help you find a used tank. We also offer tank rental and loan agreements. Whatever your need do not be afraid to ask, we at Bretthauer Oil are here for you. No matter the problem, we will work with you to find the most efficient and cost effective solution for your growing business.

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Industries We Serve

  • Farming

  • Construction

  • Government

  • Trucking/Fleets

  • Industrial

Bretthauer Oil specializes in the farming and agriculture industries. We offer farm fuels as well as specialized farm lubricants. We know what it takes to keep farmers going strong and how to help save on the bottom line.

Have a construction jobsite? We can handle it. Bretthauer Oil offers all the services construction jobs require including: onsite mobile fueling (day or night), industrial lubricants, tank loan & rentals, & even remote fuel monitoring to make sure your jobsite never runs dry.

We are well experienced in working with governmental agencies of all levels (Federal, State, & Local). Bretthauer Oil can offer access to state lubricant contract pricing as well as onsite fleet fueling, bulk delivery, Cardlock, and captive site services. Our custom reporting tools will allow you to easily import large amounts of data into most fleet management systems to make running your agency as easy as possible.

Bretthauer Oil was built to service large & small fleets.  We offer onsite fleet fueling, bulk fuel delivery, Cardlock, and captive site services to meet any needs your fleet might have. In addition, we can provide access to top quality lubricants & oils to keep your vehicles moving

Our industrial service division is here to help with any fuel & lubricant needs you may have. We have access to almost any product you may require and have a team of dedicated experts to help find reliable solutions for your business.

Bretthauer Oil is a proud distributor of Phillips 66 Aviation products. We deliver to keep your plane flying and in top shape.

Bretthauer Oil can handle the fuel & lubricant needs for all aspects of the wood products industry. From harvesting & transportation to processing and distribution, we offer the products and services that help you get the job done at an affordable price.

Bretthauer Oil is ready to handle all railroad needs. Our trucks are custom built for high-speed fueling without spills. We utilize Smartlogix technology on every truck that is designed for railcar fueling, ensuring you receive accurate and reliable service every time.

Bretthauer Oil specializes in the whole range of automotive industry needs including: fuel, motor oil, greases, transmission fluids, anti-freeze, and much more. We are a direct distributor for 76, Conoco, Phillips 66, and Kendall and can even provide national contract pricing to qualifying companies.

  • Aviation

  • Wood Products

  • Railroad

  • Automotive