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Pacific Pride Cardlock

Commercial Fueling with Pacific Pride

Commercial Cardlock fueling through Pacific Pride and Bretthauer Oil is designed to save you time and money. Specifically tailored for commercial fueling, Pacific Pride's network benefits help companies of all sizes in almost any industry grow and become more efficient. Save on fuel associated costs and more easily manage fleet fueling with Bretthauer Oil and Pacific Pride Cardlock.


Pacific Pride has over 1,300 cardlock sites and thousands of retail locations across the United States and Canada and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because Pacific Pride is only used for commercial customers, you are able to avoid the lines and delays often associated with retail fueling locations. They offer high-speed dispensers to speed up fueling, wide entry for heavy trucks, and convenient locations where you do business every day. You may use Pacific Pride’s online route planner to plot your fuel stops, or use their mobile app to search for the closest site

With Pacific Pride’s extensive security and accountability controls, you can monitor your drivers and/or vehicles in a variety of useful ways. Each Pacific Pride card comes with its own unique password to protect you from unwanted usage in the event of a theft. Our monthly billing statement puts all your company’s fueling information on one easy to read statement, allowing you to see exactly where, when, and how much fuel was used by each employee. Set limits on fuel grade, gallons allowed per day, week or month; by time of day and day of week, and by number of transactions per day and many other important controls. These restrictions can be applied to your entire fleet or any specific vehicle or driver. Bretthauer’s Cardlock billing invoice can easily be combined with billing for mobile onsite fleet fueling and can be downloaded directly to further simplify your own accounting process.

Bretthauer Oil and Pacific Pride are built from the ground up to help you save money at the pump. All Cardlock transactions are based on a wholesale pricing model, rather than a retail street price model.  This ensures you get a more consistent, and ultimately fair price based directly on wholesale industry costs.

For the last eighty-seven years and across four generations, Bretthauer Oil has been known as “The Service Company”, we have earned this title by continually seeking to provide our customers with the best possible service and by approaching any challenge given to us with a “can do attitude”. Our job is to make the lives of our customers easier and help them overcome any obstacle they may encounter with unique and efficient solutions. Our staff are experts in Cardlock fueling and are available to answer any questions or help with any issues you may encounter. Let Bretthauer Oil be your partner and let us build a better and more cost effective fueling program together.


When evaluating your fuel program, there are many factors to consider beyond the cost of the fuel itself. Are there any administrative costs adding to your overhead? Is employee time spent fueling, fueling mistakes, or theft costing you money? Pacific Pride Cardlock is designed to address all of these issues by helping minimize your total aggregate fuel cost. Below is a breakdown of what costs go into your fuel program and how Pacific Pride can save you across the board.

  • Hard Cost of Fuel

    The hard cost of fuel is the price you actually pay at the pump. While fuel prices anywhere will always change daily, Pacific Pride follows the Wholesale Price Curve resulting in greater overall fuel savings. The wholesale curve is tied directly to industry wholesale indexes rather than unregulated retail price swings. The result is consistent and transparent pricing based on the market without any fluff.

  • Soft Cost of Fuel

    The soft cost of fuel is any added expense caused by waste, spills, mistakes, or theft. If an employee buys premium instead of unleaded or puts diesel in a gas engine, your company has an added expense. If you cannot account for every gallon and dollar you spend, you may be wasting thousands on the soft cost of fuel. Pacific Pride will eliminate costly errors by allowing customers to track and control all usage with fuel only Cardlock cards. You can restrict purchases through fuel grade, gallon, day and time limits in any combination.

  • Administrative Fuel Cost

    Administrative costs are the man-hours your company spends in having employees fuel and accountants track and organize your fuel program. Retail customers that switch to Pacific Pride report a 10- to 15-minute timesavings per fueling due to high speed fueling facilities and the lack of convenience store distractions. Additionally, our online reporting tools and simple integrated billing will save your accounting team hours.


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